Not much happening today…

Well managed to get to sleep about 8 or so yesterday morning, woke just after 3 in the afternoon, only to end up going right back to bed till just over 6 in the evening. Talk about needing to apparently sleep, I just wasn’t able to stay awake once I woke up at 3, I had to sleep more.

Anyhow, once I finally did get up just after 6, I ended up coming down to my computer, and found that my client hd sent me some info that they wised to have uploaded to the site. So 45 minutes later the info is uploaded to the server and the confermation emails have been dispatched to them to let them know the contents been updated.

Harper revisitied the Same-Sex marriage deal and well from what I understand the house of commons basically said what ever, a non-issue and went on with the days events type deal. It was stupid for harper to even try this deal, like hello trying to take away rights from those who have been given rights which they didn’t have before is so WRONG, as in once having said yes to something saying you take it back is just wrong, big time. I don’t freaking care if he is a homophhobic twit who happens to be head of this country, he still doesn’t have the right to take away a people right who should have had though rights a hell of along time ago in my personal opinion.

Not much on TV to watch, so just caught Holmes on Homes and Royal Canadian Air Farce. Which about the only two shows that I bothered to watch yesterday on TV, might have watched Dos Boot has it not started so late (started at 10pm and ran till almsot 3am).

Well my brains running all over the place, post more as time does pass.



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