Not a good day….

Sighs, today has been one of those day which was just not great … should have meet with a friend who was coming to town, but for variosu reson fate interfeared and made it impossible to get together … so no idea with I’ll next be able to see him, oh well can always chat online, but freaking was looking forward to seeing him again … what can I say a fellow fur is a great friend to have.

Got in some cardio on the treadmill, and used my new heart rate monitor and it said I got my heart rate up to 155 bpm for close to the 10 minutes i was on the thing, which is good .. since its 15 bpm over my highest target rate of 140 bpm.

Was working on a clients site today as wel, sighs looking at the screen for 8 plus hours is starting to get on my nevers big time. … Am so NOT use to looking at the screen for this many hours, even if its a good screen, just am NOT use to it.

oh well here’s hoping sunday will prove more relaxing … but i rather dought it the way last weekend was.

take care everyone



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