No One Said Things Where Perfect

I’m still having trouble find work. I keep sending out the resume’s, doing the cold calls but nothings coming back or in. I am starting to feel really lost, all the freaking years going to university and college only to be looking for work 3 years after I’ve graduated it all. Its not fair, I know life’s not fair, but still I can’t even seem to get work at a local level such as a waitress, or casher, which is most frustrating. Yes on occasion I do get freelance work, but I can go months without work, and the pay I get for the freelance stuff well it pays the bills at the time, there is never any left over to save for future times.

On well time will tell what will happen, till then its called getting what I can when I can and hoping that things improve in the coming new year.

well I hope all are doing well, take care.



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