New Addition To The Hood

Well our next door friend has added a new addition to her family after having to say goodbye to her companion after over a year battling some unknown bug that the vet just couldn’t pin point.

Sunday we welcomed the new addition to the hood, he is a 8 Week Old Chocolate Labrador Retriever who has been named Hershey (or hershey kisses in full), he is a strapping little fellow and I am sure will bring his mistress a lot of love, cuddles and help as the years progress between the two of them.

I’m pleased to have the new addition to see, and I know Payton is happy to have a possible new playmate they first introduction though the gate was positive and he’s now looking for the pup when he goes into our backyard, just like he did with Fin (her last pup) so it looks very promising for the two of them in that regards but like a lot of things time tells how that will go.

Post more as time allows, take care everyone!



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