More Family History

It’s been an interesting week, last week I was able to find more information about my dad’s grandfather and I’ve since been able to find more information on him, his wife and his past. I’ve still verifying a lot of it, but the fact I have more of it than I did last year is nice to see and my dad is pleased to learn more about his past. I am going to try putting feelers out for his dad’s info in short order since like his mom’s dad, my dad’s dad is also very much a mystery to him when it comes to did he have brother’s or sisters etc as he remember nothing about his dad’s side of the family.

Managed to actually connect with someone in England who has been helping me track down some of the information, which has helped a lot since he has experience hunting for genealogy information for his own family, I am honoured that he’s been willing to lend a hand in my searching for my own past as his experience has been most helpful.

Well not much more to update here, but will post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!



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