mom update

Well just got home from seeing mom, and she is still in the ER they are waiting for a bed in the main hospital to open up to place her – talk about ack, not good.

They still have no idea what is going wrong with her, but on the positive side of things she getting enough Demerol to help with the pain and help her sleep and she’s also getting re-dehydrated which she really needs to be, because she’s not able to get much in the way of fluids into herself to start with.

So at least now she’s getting what she needs to get into her, and the tests she was having to wait to get dun next are now going to be getting dun as soon as they can get her into the lab for the tests – which is a good thing, cause the sooner they can get things straightened out the sooner she can get better and heather and what not.

No idea when she’ll be getting a room in the hospital proper, but I hope its soon as being in the ER isn’t very restful or private for that matter – then again she’s one of the lucky ones that Demerol works on, so with that in her she doesn’t worry much about where she is (lucky duck).

The only thing that the ER has ruled out what happened to her is that it had nothing to do with her gaul bladder or her heart that they are aware of – so they are thinking that its a form of porph attack that’s taken place (which is more then likely since she’s not been able to get the right nutrition into her).

well keep everyone posted, take care



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