Meeting Teal…

Well meet a girl named Teal today, and it was great to fianlly meet her. We have been talking online for a while, first meet her near the start of the year on a site that we both had profiles on. It amazing at some of the people who you can meet, and then start chatting with and learn that they are in the same city as youself.

Anyhow, she is a nice young lady just out of high school and just starting her adult life. I am still amazed at how mature she is for her age, K I know there are mature teens out there, but actually meeting someone is another matter totaly. Well she wishes to become a massage therapest that or work in social work, both are good fields and I am sure what ever field she ends up in she will enjoy, or at least be content with her work.

I’ll admit I am new to being a mentor to a young person (i’ve dun it when I was much younger, but its been many passings of the moon since then), but one thing is for sure. She listens, and is willing to try what you offer as a suggestion, which is good. Chuckles I feel like a big sister to her in many ways, but then again that’s not a bad deal in many regards.

Well take care everyone,



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