Life happenings

Well I know I keep changing the header of my page, and I still plan on doing so but I’m starting to think I need to keep it semi constant instead of the monthly or seasonally changing it type deal … not 100% sure atm what I’m going to do but atm I’m going to stick with the current one that I’ve put up which has two images of Storm my Service Dog within in (close up and a shot taken from the side of her while out and about).

Other wise health wise things are going as they are, still not back to my old self but working on it with the help of others around me and in the medical world. My mobility unfortunately is not improving but getting worse it does feel and I have 0 answers as to why it is happening or what is even causing it to happen, all I keep getting told is “Walk More” and “Keep Active” like HELLO I am keeping as active as I am able to do so, which does mean often pushing myself until I end up in more pain then is easy to push through (and some times I just can’t push through it and have to listen to my body).

Norman is doing as he can, his seizures are taking their toll on him in general and I know it hurts him that they are such a part of our life together that we have to take them into consideration when planning things or doing things, but then again we have to take into consideration my Diabetes, and other medical issues so all around medical issues make having to do things a little more on the planning side of things.

I am NOT liking the new medication I was put on at Christmas time, it feels like how I felt like while taking the Cymbulta for the fibro that did 100% nothing to touch the pain but caused other issues instead. I know the doc started me on the lowest dosage possible of this new drug but it wasn’t until I was taking 15mg of it that I started to have issues with it and now on 20mg I’m really starting to feel it. But I’m pushing through on it but I am not sure if it will be continued or tapered off or what at the next appointment.

Diabetes wise my Endo was happy with me at my last appointment, he complamented me on Storm and her behaviour while in his office and finally noticed that Norman also has a Service Dog. He asked how many lows I’ve been having and unfortunately for me since starting that new drug on a higher dosage I’ve been having to many lows that have caused a few issues (getting ready for church only to test and find out I’m low so can’t leave until it is up and stable for a min of 45 minutes as the Transportation Law requires which means time I am safe to go we have already missed the start of church so its not worth heading out since it is already a 20 min or so drive to church).

Been playing around with my insulin trying to find a happy medium but so far nothing and even he agreed that it might be a balancing act until I’m stabilized on the new drug if ever based off how my body reacts to medication. With this he also has a duty to inform the Ministry of Transport since I have a drivers licence which is blasted annoying but it is the rules. I hope my a1c is decent if it is to low then I run the risk of the ministry putting my ability to drive on hold until it goes up, sighs.

Further testing and what not is still up in the air, GP seems to be trying to figure things out still but without the neurologist who I was to see its harder, so she’s trying to get me an appointment with yet another neurologist to see what they might be able to do to get things narrowed down.

Oh well, life passes by I live as I am able to do so and try to get though each day with minimal stress and issues as possible to do so (unfortunately that is a tall order most of the time).



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