I’m Now on TikTok

Well not new news, but it is new enough that I am actually being public about it, been watching stuff on the app for a few months now, but until recently (past month) I haven’t dun anything to my profile (no icon image, no information and totally 0 recorded content) but I have slowly been exploring the app when it comes to sharing short audio effects/song snips.

I do not know, what I will do with the app in full as yet or what more I will record or do, but so far I am liking what I view most of the time (some stuff I am less than impressed with, but that stands to reason since some of the stuff on my recommended feed is not content that I have any interest in (such as explicit songs, language or images) but like any multimedia platform things get shared that is questionable and best in many cases left off of the net (or at least that is my personal opinion and I know that I am free to scroll past if I do not like it, and I do just that).

I have posted as of this very moment, 4 short videos one of which was a spur of the moment deal, since I saw a post on FaceBook and then on TikTok that I wanted to see if it was still valid (it was the broom tilt challenge) and sure enough even at midnight it was still happening, so I did a short recording of it happening (as did Norman, who is also on TikTok himself) I also posted it to my IG and this blogs FB Page.

If you would like to view any of the videos that I record for TicToc that I haven’t posted to my IG or this blog’s FB Page, you can find me on TikTok under Nyxks (which is my handle for almost all social media that I am on).

Post more as time does allow for it, take care, everyone!



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