Human vs Fur

Well many people have been commenting on my av of late, and not because its so buxom or the like, but because I’ve chosen to go all fur, not anthro fur but fur fur as in full animal form.
I do still use my human forms yes, but in general I am very pleased with my wolf form to a high degree (id not be wearing it as much as I do, less i as pleased with it).

Now I have been asked by various people why would I choose to go full fur over anthro or even human for that matter. The simple matter of the fact is I’ve always wonted a full animal form here in Second Life, it just works for me. I do have an few anthro forms that I can and will wear (anthro horse and anthro wolf) but I also have two human forms that I wear Female and Male (male mostly to model my clothing on, cheaper to do then paying a male model thats for sure.

Everyone in Second Life has what works for them and for me the full wolf form works well enough for me when I am wishing to relax and lounge around doing nothing in particular other then talking with other people who happen to come by and wish to talk.

For me being in a human form means people seem to expect something out of me or from me. Wolf form people just seem to take it as a given and with good humor and I get less flack or hassle. Both forms have their place within my SL life, building, dancing and working human works best for me (though its not uncommon for me to be in wolf form to work depending on what I am doing), but for camping wolf has it usages (people either ignore me 100% or IM me because they are curious about my av, which leads to talking and at times making new and interesting friends.

Now the Q might well be what is best for you? Well the simple truth of the matter is, its personal preference. Some people are drawn to a fur form either full fur or anthro, while others are drawn to only ever being human in appearance (of which ever gender) and some like myself prefer one over the both but are willing do use both as needed in our online lives.

I know that everyone likes to be one of a kind, but that can be hard to do for some. If you can manage to build yourself a one of a kind av great! but many don’t have that ability and have to rely on others for their forms, which means the chances of running into yourself to a degree can happen (less you pay some L for a custom av – then your less likely to run into yourself around SL). A good human av can run 600L or higher depending on the quality and how many skins are in the pack, even a good anthro can run 800L or higher depending on the complexity of the av.

My Wolf av cost me almost 2,000L yet I’d have paid more if it was necessary to have it, cause I liked it and wonted it a world of a lot. I’ve spent more for my anthro av’s then I have for any of my human ones (actually most i’ve spent for human is about 200L – yet to find the perfect human av that I’d willingly lay out L for).

So the base line is this, if you are willing to pay for what it is you wish to look like the possibilities are next to endless of how you can look, but if you just wish to go with what you can find that works just as well since there are a tone of freebie places out there that have human skins and anthro’s that you can pick up and become/wear.

Well take care



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