House work – not my deal

Well without work today, mom set me to work dusting and what not. Not something she knows I like to do, but something I will do if asked to do so.

It got me to thinking, why is it I don’t like to clean house? And the answer is kind of strange to me, its not that I don’t like to clean house, its that I do not like cleaning my folks home.

I will easily enough clean my own place, because I can’t stand to see it not tidy and the like. But my folks place, it just doesn’t work out that way. I just do not like to clean their place, I’ll do it, but I do not have a wish or desire to do so. Even my own place I do not have a desire to clean it, but I do have a desire to have it in order (not spotless, or anything like that, but livable and workable, and what not).

its kind of strange to actually take time and think about something so mundane as cleaning and realize that its not something that I really do not like to do, but something that only feel right when it comes to my own place, and not my folks place. I guess it comes down to it might be my home with my folks, but it still feels like its their place and that I am staying here till able to move on. Its hard to explain the feelings, but it doesn’t feel as it once did – before I moved out on my own when i was going to university.

Dishes on the other hand, it doesn’t matter, those I do not like doing regardless of if its my folks place or my own, I do not like doing dished regardless of the location, they are just something that I do not like doing, and I honestly do not know why that is.

well take care everyone,



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