Well who new it was so easy to “hotwire a car, or in my case a van” .. shakes head.

The insurance ppl came to show dad how to “hotwaire the van”, and talk about being a little shocked in how simple it turns out to be.

So much for the crossing wires to hotwire a car, that apparently is really old school now (and in most cars wont even work apparently).

One thing is for sure, if its that simple to hotwire a car or a van the car comanies really need to introduce stronger controls to prevent it (yes i know there are keys that are chipped that if the key is not used the car will not start, but apparently the method used can also override that in some car and van cases).

One thing is sure those the insurance person liked my dad’s method of anti-Theft device .. chuckles, though it was a good one, actaully one of the best he’d seen and the blasted divce my dad has installed into his van is something like 10 years old to boot (its been in the van that long, and dad’s van is 13 years old).

Oh well so much for nimble fingers and time to jack a car or van, seems its gotten cut down in time, big time.

Take care



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