Home, and getting unpacked

Have spent most of the day helping my folks unpack the suit cases that were taken with us on our trip.

Found a good portion of the items that we bought while away, and of course for me that meant a good portion of husky/wolf toys and other items (plushies, t-shirts, figurines, etc).

I’m also very pleased to be back home, though I have been home for over 24 hours now, It still feels like I just got in, as in I feel I need a vacation from my vacation (long story there, and I’ll post of it, in the pages to come).

I’m also tired of being sick, yes after almost 2 years I’ve finally got a cold, one that I could well do without, as its making me feel as weak as a kitten which means I don’t like being away from my bed for long, since my body wishes to do nothing but sleep, and sleep and sleep.

Which well is normal, when one is not well, but I’m not use to it any more since well its been a good while since I was I’ll, on well had to happen sooner or later, guess it best that it happened while I’m off work, no good getting sick when you have work to go to, take taking off work, means no pay/income.

Take care everyone,



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