Henry’s Digital Imaging Show

Well dad and I attened that annual Henry’s Digital Imaging Show at the International Centre – Hall 6.

It was an alright event to attend, but last year was a way better show in my personal opinion when it came to Seminars that you could attend and the information that was given out. This year there wasn’t a single seminar that caught my attention, K one, but it turned out to be a really BIG dud to say the least – growls. Its a good thing dad got free tickets for the event, cause to me it wasn’t worth the 15.00 that was being charged at the door (at least to me that is the case).

But in general dad got the info that he was going for, K not all of it, but I think he’s settled down on the camera that he’s going to eventually get his paws on, which means I’ll finally get his Nicon 995 and all its cards and batteries (which he’s bene promising to give me for close to three years now .. chuckles).

I did get something while at the show, dad got me part of my Yule gift iLife ’08 … and yes I get to use it before Yule comes around, which is cool, just wish he’d gotten me the iPod instead .. lol that’s what I really want right now for working out at the GYM, my Diskman is so NOT portable as it could be, LOL. Oh well one of these days I’ll get an iPod, one of these days (crosses fingers for yule for it to arrive, but doesn’t bet on it).



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