Heading Back To Toronto, Ontario, Canada (HOME!)

Well today was busy, had to get up at 630am, to get ready to get to the airport to return to Toronto. I didn’t sleep well to say the least, in part because I’ve caught a cold, likely from my short stay at the ER (which sucks).

So sleeping wasn’t easy with all the coughing, hacking, and what not I might have gotten about 3 hours sleep in all, but at least I did get some sleep unlike my mom who apparently didn’t get any (don’t know why she didn’t explain why she didn’t get any, just that she didn’t get any).

When we got to the airport, we had about an hour to spar (since they wish you to be there 1.5 hours before the flight leaves), it meant we actually had time to get breakfast. Unfortunately I wasn’t really interested in much food, though I did manage to get down a Sausage thing from A&W without the egg or cheese on it – and managed to find a shop that sold ginger ail (ya pop in the morning not a good thing, but milk gets really stuck in my throat when I’m ill so I avoid it till I’m felling better – and I don’t drink coffee or tea in the morning to start with either).

After breakfast, we went to the departure lounge to wait for our flight to be called, which wasn’t very long since mom had her cane, which mean we got onboard before most other people did, save others who where disabled or with young children.

The flight back to Toronto, was alright, though I really disliked the person infront of me who had his chair so far back that I wasn’t able to watch the in-flight movie very well and that my legs got so freaking cramped from lack of space that it took a while for me to get them working again when we landed (wasn’t able to stretch them much, since the safey-bealt light was on over half the time while in flight).

Feeling ill and flying do not mix that well even if it was only a 4 hour flight, by time the flight had landed I was feeling really dreadful, and we still had to collect our luggage and wait for my uncle to pick us up from the air port, not to mention the long time back into Toronto (on a road system, which wasn’t never designed to handle that many cars at once).

The drive back home I don’t remember much of, since I was really out of it. But I do remember getting online the moment I got in the door (after helping my folks unload the van of our luggage), and posting a few replies before I just couldn’t take looking at the screen any longer, and had to get some sleep. Which I did, and that lasted till almost 1 in the morning (we’d gotten home about 8 in the evening).

So at any rate, long day, take care everyone.



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