Further along with genology

Well its been a few months since I really started getting in to what mom had asked me to do before her passing.

In that time I have managed to trace back one branch on her mother’s mother’s father’s side back to one of my 21st great grandfathers and grandmothers (1300s era)

Another on the same branch but on her mother’s mother’s mother’s side back to my 6th great grandfather and grandmother (1700s) so still a ways to go, but getting there that’s for sure.

I’ve also started to help Norman with his side of his family tree, mostly starting with his mom’s side as his dad’s side is proving to be a but more compilicated then he’d like it to be.

Still having issues with my mom’s dad side of the family on that side I’ve only been able to get back to my 2nd great grandfather and mother on his father’s side and on his mother’s side I’m currently stumped at my Great Grandmother, can’t find anything fast her at the moment.

Also can’t get past my dad’s folks on his side of the tree either, with luck that will change in short order but right now it seems to have a few to many road blocks in the way to get around but with time they will be got around!

Well post more as time passes, take care



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