Finally A New Bed!!!

Well its been a long time in the comming, but its finally happening I am getting an Adult size bed .. as in trading up to a larger size bed, changing up from a single to a double.

My current bed I’ve had for about 15 years give or take a few years, and the springs on a large part of it have sprung all over the place thus little to no support does the bed now give me.

Mom and Dad out of the blue said that I was going to pick out a new bed, but only if i could find what worked for me, and I was so NOT expecting to find anything since I’m a very picky about my sleeping accomidations, but as things would have it the SleepCountry location that we went to actaully had a good number of beds, plus the sales person new his stuff.

We ended up getting a demo which was about 600 bucks cheaper then a non-demo version plus it still has the 10 year full warrenty which works for me. Plus the bloke through in two anti-allergy pillows (ya right, its part of their PR deal I am sure).

At any rate, next friday I’ll have my new bed … i just now have to take appart my old bed, here’s hoping it will come appart, seeing its an old style captain bed that I’ve had since I was 3 years of age. And its only been taken appart once and put back together since I first got it.

Take care everyone,



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