We’re back and an Update

Well we’re back,

We did find once place that was not all grease and fat to eat at, it was a place attached to Days Inn (i think it was – looked like popular chain, cause when I looked it up down there it seemed to be attached to just about all of them in one form or another – but its not the case up here).

We ate at it the second last day we were there, would have liked to have known about it sooner, but then again as he said its not that cheap to eat at, and it wasn’t when it cost us about 25.00 for the meal (though that is about average – its still more then we pay here for a meal between the two of us).

His mom and sister finished the wedding dress the day before we left to come back – and this time round it looked good, when I showed it to my mom she liked it so I guess that’s how it is, I have my wedding dress and its a custom job by two amateurs .. lol

I’m still feeling a little jet lagged, but not that bad – but one thing is for sure my body is still trying to purge itself of everything taken in down there it does feel (as is his), its not fun – one moment you feel your good the next your running for the RR. We both think that the US disagreed with us and that our bodies are making sure to get ride of everything that they can in short order – lol.

Getting home was fun, the flights we’re loaded and to boot screaming littles where the order of the flights – SCREAM, why can’t parents keep them silent! sighs our poor ears.

Anyhow, getting back into Canada was easy for me, but once again he had issues – that we hope are now taken care of since he got information that I was able to hear and write down (he was told he was given the info the first time, yet he swears other wise – oh well no matter I got the info and with luck what we are doing is what was told to us – then again with the government ya never know).

They have given him three weeks after our wedding to have gotten a work permit/extension or he has to go back, sighs the officer said he shouldn’t have an issue getting it, but still its government and I don’t think anything with them goes smoothly.

We have managed to find the right documentation that we need to send in (at least we think its the right one – looks like it to us that is). Its going to cost him another 150 bucks to submit it and he has had to explain on the documentation why he is applying for a work permit he’s actually put the reason the immigation officer said to put down (almost word for word, we actually stated that it was the immigration officer that told him he needed to do this – so we hope that will give him something when they look over it – sighs crosses fingers).

I was also told that I needed to file for a spousal sponcership once we’re married – sighs, its a little more complicated then it sounds, and some of the info they ask for I have no clue in how to get or provide and being a freelance person I don’t have that stready income they they seem to be looking or wonting. Only up side is that I live here with my folks and so will he for some time to come (my folks have said we can live here for how ever long we choose to do so – so no over head of rent to worry about, just helping out with stuff as is expected of any family member).

Sighs, I can see why the immigration stuff he was going though is so nerve racking its feeling that way to me as well now – I really don’t like this type of stress, but its part of getting him here perm its worth it but still its a real bug nun the less.

We are going to get getting to the gym shortly – or so he says, he realizes that he does need to hit it since he’s now up to 165 pounds up from the 150 he started here at back in November 08 – and yes he’s starting to show that gut because of it hence his wish to start working out beyond the daily 3 mile walks.

Oh well, take care everyone post more as time passes.



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