Storage Unit

Well we had until today to get it cleared out by 5pm – but that so didn’t happen despite making several trips over the past week to and from the unit we where unable to get it 100% cleared out thus we had to pay for a weeks extension (funds we don’t have to use, but had to because we had no choice in the matter).

So after the weekend we’ll see what we can do to get the last few items out of the unit by Saturday, we are hoping my dad best bud will be able to move the last few items and just toss them at value village since they of ALL the people we’ve contacted are willing to take it – we’ve tried the Salvation Army, Red Door even the Furniture bank ALL of them can’t do anything for us, even said we’d drop it off and zip nada so other then trashing 100% good furniture we’d going to let Value Village make a profit off of it (which I am ticked about – we can’t do more infant of our hose to let ppl take it because guess what despite putting into out there in our local community all that was put out hasn’t gone anywhere its still there!)

Sighs, yes not happy right now with luck tomorrow will be better then today was. Post more later take care everyone!



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