One last step

Well as many of you who have been following me might have guessed something is taking place next week .. well here it is Norman has gotten his status and we’re in the process of getting things together to go and get the rest of his stuff and bring it home.

We just got the notice last week, that he’s been approved and we very happy that we finally will be able to start living as a married couple should be able to live. He can now start looking for work, he can now apply for OHIP and oh so many other things that until now he’s not been allowed to do.

We are hoping that his pup Ozzy will be able to make the trip back up with us, but it all depends on what the vet says about her doing so at her age and current health. As in if it will be to stressful for her to make the trip up then he’s going to have to let her stay where she is and live out her life there with the in laws, who have agreed to take her on full time should that be the best call to do so. It would really break his heart to have to do it as he’s really missed her a lot, but he wont’s the best for her as he can give her so well know shortly what her status is.

We have called a moving company, but we will not know till to blasted close to the day we have to come back as to if they can or will move him stuff since there isn’t much that needs to be moved – he’s got about a bedrooms worth of stuff to move since he’s only ever lived in a bach apt and much of the stuff stays with the place, save for what he’s paid for (extra freezer, TV, Stereo, etc), so no need to transport a bed, stove, dressers, couch or the like. Sighs I hope they will move him because we’ve not been able to find another company that we trust enough to do so that has experience moving people from one country to another and I do NOT relish having to drive a van or truck from where he grew up to where we are now.

Oh well, will post more as time allows for it till then take care everyone!



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