On his way home…

Well its been about two weeks and he is on his way home.

Its not perm yet, but we are hoping that shortly that it will be, that soon he will be able to call himself a Canadian (k in about 3 years once he get his PR status, but still you get the idea).

While he’s been back at his mom’s place he was showing dad around, taking him to various places around town that he wonted to see, plus getting some gifts (enough to past for several special days, or so I am told).

I miss him a world of a lot, I know this is as stressful for him as it is for me – but at times I wonder why does it have to be this way? Why can’t there be an easer way of doing it, but I know its as it is because of past actions of others who abused the system and what not.

Oh well, take care everyone, will post more shortly



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