Ns Gallbladder

Monday November 23rd 2015 – started with N waking up in extreme pain, at first I thought it was just normal cramps but since he was crying and couldn’t straighten up and was virtually unable to move I said “fine” we’re going to the ER. Which is what we did do, my dad was able to drive us to our local ER (could have taken the ambulance, but was thinking that walk-in might be a better option). Arrived at the ER and where seen within a few moments of entering the ER as there was next to no one there when we arrived so N was seen right away and do to being epileptic was put into the back.

Once in the room one of the nurses saw to him and in the process of seeing him Norman had his first of two seizures, it was just a absentee seizure but it did last longer then is normal for him, which had me concerned since I’d never seen it last more then a few moments (this one lasted almost a good minute) it even had the ER nurse concerned since he’d never seen one like it before either (and he’d seen a number in his time in the ER apparently).

At any rate, N was examined and do to the pain that he was in they sent him off to have a ultrasound. After the ultrasound we’re where forgotten for close to 2 hours – as in they didn’t come to take him back to the room in the ER for two hours ::shakes head:: when we did get back to the room we where in short order moved out of it and into the hall way of the ER which is where we stayed until almost midnight (which was VERY annoying to say the least).

While waiting in the ER hallway we learned that N had Gallstones and from the ultrasound it was thought that the gallbladder was highly inflamed and that he needed surgery ASAP, but because of having had a seizure within 24 hours of it the surgeon didn’t feel comfortable doing the surgery until N had been cleared medically to do so (he’d do it if necessary but he rather wait for there to be less chance of N having a seizure on the table during surgery).

Once we learned that N was going to have to have surgery I phone my dad to let him know, then Ns mom and in the process I had her telling me that I needed to let the bishop/missionaries know that N was going to be having surgery and that he needed to have a blessing. I had 0 idea as to why she was so insistent on it but I called our Bishop and told him what was happening and he said he’d take care of it.

In a short while two bother’s arrived, turned out to be our new home teachers. It was interesting to meet them and they gave N this blessing that his mom said he needed. They did it and afterwards N said he felt better to various degrees – not back to normal but less stressed to various degrees. So to me that was better then how he was feeling. The brother’s felt really uncomfortable doing the blessing in the hallway and I had 0 idea if I could even request he be moved to a different area for the blessing to take place, but they did the blessing in the ER hallway nun the less – was interesting watching those passing in the hallway during the blessing they had confused/puzzled expressions on their faces to various degrees.

Well they talked for a few and explained they why of it, but the reality is I still didn’t understand it all it was still in its own fashion a form of mumbo jumbo that I still didn’t understand, but I knew that if it had helped N then that was all that really mattered, I knew that faith is a big thing when it comes to how a lot of things work, thus if you believe it will work or help then it has a good chance of doing so to what ever degree.

Well by the end of being there 18 hours N was officially admitted to the hospital and I was able to go home and get a few hours of sleep before needing to be back at the hospital.



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