Ns Gallbladder – Day 2

Tuesday November 24th 2015 – Well didn’t have that great of a sleep since I was worrying how N had slept and been while I was away but since no one had called I figured he was alright. Sure enough when I got there N was sitting up in bed wondering what had taken me so long to get the hospital, he was really hungry and still in a lot of pain unfortunately. He also informed me that they where NOT doing the surgery until two doc’s had been in to see him and when they would be coming in to see him was any ones guest.

I pulled out the items that I said I’d bring for him while in hospital, his iPod, charger, socks, comfy pants and of course clean undergarments and tooth brush and paste. He was pleased to have the clean items plus the iPod and charger, not so pleased with the tooth paste and brush but only because he’d not yet been allowed to eat much less drink so they where unwelcomed reminders.

Spent most of the morning (I arrived around 7am) sitting at hit bed side while he napped on and off, was mostly playing on my tablet (what ever offline games I had loaded onto it) on occasion going onto my phone to check email and update Facebook (since we had friends and family wonting be kept posted as to what was going on), didn’t stay on FB very long since only have so much on my data plan.

Around lunch time, the nurse comes in and says that sometime that afternoon medical would be around to see him and that he should be going into surgery later in the afternoon at some point. That made N feel more nervous since it meant he was getting closer to having the surgery, which is a good thing but not so much since stress of that nature can be a seizure trigger.

Well around 3:30pm medical arrived to talk with him and to a degree with me, just as she was getting ready to sign off on his ability to have surgery the person who would be administering the anaesthetic arrived to take him down to surgery, on the way down we talked about Ns concern regarding the stuff that he was going to use on him he assured N that he would take good care of him (unlike me, N has less issues with the stuff). When we arrived in the OP area the surgeon meet us and talked over what was going to be happening and once the questions N has had been answered I went to wait in the Waiting Room.

An hour later the surgeon came to the Waiting Room and pulled me into the hall to talk, everything had gone text book. If he had not seen the scans and other tests results he would have wondered why the person on the table was even having the surgery to start with, since it was only irritated and not inflamed and everything else that he’d see on the scans/reports. I thanked him and a wave of relief swept over me and I had that warm feeling for all I was still FREEZING.

It was only when I sat down that it hit me like a brick that the surgeon was actually puzzled at the difference between the scans/tests and what he saw inside of N and pulled out. I started going over things in my mind and to various degrees it dawned on me that regardless of my views or belief that it is very much possible that the Blessing that the brother’s did for N the night before might well have helped get him though the surgery with less complications then he might have other wise had. Does this mean that the blessing was answered? Yes and No, as in he believed it would help, they believed it would work and well I believed that it couldn’t hurt anything and if anything it would be helpful.

One of the brothers told me though text that it only works if you believe and I think that to degrees is its own key, belief and positive thoughts have their own power. The blessing gave N hope and peace of mind that other’s where there for him not just me and his family. On my own end I’m positive by nature and thus to me the blessing couldn’t hurt because positive thoughts are always a helpful things and since this world of ours has enough negativity in it I believe that any positive thoughts that are directed towards someone is bound to have some positive impact to various degrees and I knew from posting on various groups on FB that there where those who might or might not be sending positive thoughts or prayers (as in they typed it, but doing the action is another matter) but my faith that any good intent is valid even if its just text on a screen had me feeling that things would work out for him, regardless.

He was wheeled out of recovery and was actually wide awake and saying that he was starving! Which was a great sign, he was still in pain but other wise he was himself – which was great to see on oh so many levels. We got back to his room and the nurses did his vitals and settled him in for the evening, I called my dad and his mom and gave them the good news plus updated FaceBook (my timeline mostly). I stayed by his bedside until around 10pm, I left mostly because he was sleeping more then he was awake so figured it was safe to do so.

Got home, and fixed food since Id not eaten much today, just breakfast and a salad that I’d gotten from Subway so was starving myself and running low glucose wise.



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