More gown hunting

Well did more shopping yesterday for a dress and found that depending on the maker I can get into a 26, though I’ll never get into it fully in not even a 30+ – i just have to much back to fit into most dresses without having them fitted for that area of my body … lol

We went to two different bridal places, one was a regular bridal shop the other was a trunk sale – it was at the trunk sale that I found out that I might be able to get into a 26, but regardless 24’s are out (tried a 24 out and well lets say couldn’t get it past my hips).

So am a little more optomistic about getting a dress – though the type that I really like seem’s it wont be the case since a celtic type dress runs an average of 2,000 bucks and the other style of dress that I really like is so NOT flattering on my frame/body. I’m still hoping that I might get a celtic style dress but as yet I’ve not found anyone online or off that makes them for under 1,000 dollars.



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