The Sister Missionaries

Well they came again today, the new set that we’ve been assigned.

Its nice to see them, but it just isn’t the same as the last couple sets we’ve had. These sisters i’m just not feeling it with them at all, I don’t mind talking with them or going visiting with them (which we’ve been doing) but for what ever reason under the sun I just don’t feel any sort of connection to any of them on any level.

They where here for maybe 15 minutes if that, like a hit and run feeling. They delivered their message of something (ya don’t remember what it was anymore) and like always asked us if anyone came to mind that we felt could do with the message. We know many people who could do with enlightenment (and I don’t mean regarding the church either) but we also know that if they are not interested they are not interested and only in time will they seek it out for themselves in what ever form it might be. All you can do is be there for them to come to and talk to and offer to help them as they are willing to take the offered help as pushing will do nothing to help them along their current path.

The sister’s said their stuff, asked for us to pray and in short order took their leave, so ya not much on this front with them atm.

Well post more shortly take care!



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