The Missionaries

Well they are still coming around its been almost 6 months since they started coming around and preaching, its been interesting listening to them and attending church and in general being involved within the various aspects of the church itself.

Its been helpful to N to various degrees, however some of the stuff from the Doctrine and Covenants plus the Book of Mormon itself have him upset to various degrees mostly to do with the whole “the husband is the provider and takes care of his family” passages. Its how he was brought up and as such it means its really hard for him to not be employed or able to support me as he feels he should be able to do so. I’ll admit it would be nice not to be the only one bring in an income of what ever nature – but as I’ve told him time and time again, something will come along (yes 7 years is a LONG time to wait) but there is employment out there for him, I have faith that something will come up for him in short order.

At any rate the missionaries, there are still three of them as one of them is waiting his transfer and visa papers to come though so he can continue on with his mission and serve where he is suppose to serve.

Its interesting to have three of them here at once, creates a little space room when it comes to them all sitting on the couch (its big enough, but only just). Its also interesting to watch each of them when they are talking and interacting to various degrees, as one of them is really lay back and seems to have the deal of “what ever goes goes” while another seems to be always on edge and the last one doesn’t seem to know which way to be so flips between the two zones or something.

This visit was mostly asking about what we’ve been up to and how the reading of the BoM is going, plus the passages that are being read what are they saying to you type deal (as in when you are reading these passages what are you thinking of, what comes to mind, etc). N’s got all the right words to say about it, for my own side of it ::brain goes blank:: yes that does mean in one ear and out the other to various degrees. I’ve have a hard time getting though it never mind thinking upon any of it to what ever degree – at lot of it just overs over my head and isn’t thought about at least on a known level its not, maybe at the back of my mind it is but not up front where I’m aware of it its not.

Well post more later, take care.



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