The Missionaries Where Back

LDSWell got a minor surprise while I was in the kitchen getting things together for the missionaries, turned out our regular duo was temp split up because one of them got the stump flu so we had one of the older missionaries come as a companion to the regular one. By Older I mean one who has been on his mission longer (male missionaries from my understanding go on a mission for up to 2 years between the ages of 18 and 21, though older can as well as can married couples), I got the feeling that he’d older because of how we was talking, the shine to a degree has rubbed off and he has settled into things or so it felt which was a refreshing change.

I like the gun ho mentality that the duo who see of regular have but the change was nice, though I’ll admit that this combo was more irritating then the regular duo – irritating because of “what my companion says is true” comments that happened way more and just didn’t sit well with me, think part of it is the grammar of it and just how it took place, it felt like one of them was saying it out of habit rather then actually meaning it or rather saying it because he thinks he has to say it regardless it got on my nerves in short order.

Do to the change in missionaries things where a little more short then the feeling of friendly banter that has existed, which isn’t a bad thing its just a different thing in you can tell that the younger missionary was looking to the older for more guidance or so it did feel. Didn’t cover what was scheduled to be covered but that’s aright, not the first time and won’t me the last I am sure. This time round talking of the spirit or holly ghost was the topic on hand or something to that effect.

They talked about their experiences and mentioned the dedication of the dead in their temple (something I am not familiar with, but from the reading and their words not something that sounds good to me to do to another person who’s passed regardless of their state of afterlife being or not). They asked N about his experience with this stuff and N talked about his grandparents and stuff. Then they asked me about my experience in the matter and from their facial expressions seems a tad shocked at what I had to say, no idea why talking to spirit and feeling connected to such isn’t a new concept to me on any level. Nor is the feeling of presence of the passed, there has been a number of times over the years that I’ve felt my grans watching over me, guiding me and the like not so much my mom since her passing but that might well be because I still feel my grans (was more connected to my granny then my mom).

At any rate they two missionaries did their deal and prayers and the older one said that I needed to start reading the book of mormon so that I could know the truth of it and some other stuff – he seemed shocked that I was reading it, my guess is that they don’t read the notes that are made (at least I assume notes are made from what I’ve read), I’ve said that I won’t to learn about the religion that N was raised in and that means reading this Book of Mormon regardless of if I understand it or not or even believe in any of it in any way shape or form. I know from what I’ve heard and the few people I’ve talked with that some areas it will never work but other areas are up for debate on the matter (as in they are possible yes, but just as equal not to be the case).

Chuckles, the oldest was on the line that I needed to pry for answers to find the “right and true” path ::shakes head:: I know they mean their path being that, but every religion has that thinking that their version is the one true version and anything else isn’t as true as theirs – which is why I still follow my mom’s and granny in the deal of “many paths leading to the same end”.

Well post more as time passes take care everyone.



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