Sunday Talk

Well weeks ago I had been asked to give a talk one of many at church during sacrament meeting, I’d agreed to do so but I was struggling as to what I was even going to say. The sister missionaries that where assigned to us where having no easy task in trying to suggest things since a LOT of the stuff that they where having people talking on I already believed LONG before I meet and married Norman, so those topics where off the table to talk on. They where going to try another kick at the cat on Friday, but after they read the notes I’d made during Norman’s hospital stay, they said that I had something good to share with everyone and that they where looking forward to me talking.

Well we get to church and some people are surprised to see N there but most have no idea that he’d just gotten out of hospital. We say our hellos and get him settled before I head up to the other seating area where those who are giving their little talk today are sitting (I am so NOT happy to be up there infant of people, though me and my people watching side of things noes not that today there are no youth and thus a LOT fewer people then normal). I look over the program and notice that everyone who is talking is either listed as Sis or Bro yet I’m not, strikes me as a little strange but I shrug it off as either a typo or nothing of importance. Things go as they do and those who have been asked to speak, say their spill though I will admit that listening to them was not easy as I couldn’t hear them very well so a LOT of what was said seemed garbled to various degrees.

Then came my time to talk, I get up and pull out my phone pull up the post that I’d written plus my notes and start in on how Norman and I first connected and how for me on my end it wasn’t love at first site but that over time that love grew. I touched on various things leading up to his hospital stay and well then I went into that part that had brought the inspiration for the talk full circle. I talked about how the brothers came and gave him a blessing and how I felt about the matter and how after talking to the surgeon my thoughts on what I had been told and everything. I concluded my talk and sat down.

At the end of sacrament I had a number of people come up to me to shake my hand and say that they found my talk inspiring, thought provoking and that I was a good speaker. I felt really out of my element with the people thanking me for the talk or even calling what I said inspirational or thought provoking – to me I was just talking from my notes and heart about my experiences to date with my husband and how my own faith played a part in it all.

Regardless it went over well and I am pleased that I was able to talk as I did, we didn’t stay since N was at the end of his limits for being out but it was good to be able to get out of the house for a hour or so and let him stretch his legs so to speak.



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