Saying Goodbye to a Missionary

Well yesterday Norman and I attending a going away “party” for a few of the missionaries that are in our ward, one was actually on his way home having finished his 2 years of Missionary Work, Norman and I wish him well. Other’s who where there yesterday where either staying in ward just switching areas or where transferring to other cities within Ontario (Oshawa being one of them, again one of those who was coming to see us, is heading out there to serve).

Got a few shots of them (as you can see by the pic above), however a few of them to me are just to out of focus for me to even post (I really DO NOT like my new Phone’s build in camera – going to have to see if I can improve it, but so far ya that’s not happening unfortunately) which is most annoying as they looked decent on the phone yet pulling them into Photoshop look so blasted out of focus that it hurts my eyes to look at them (not pleased), guess one of the only good things is that Norman actually did bring his camera so I’ll be grabbing what images he took as soon as I can to go though them as well.

It was actually nice to be able to sit down with a couple of the missionaries and just talk with them, as in not having to talk about anything religious just talking about their life and interests and what not. Was interesting looking though a scrap book that one of them has been putting together – he’s here in Canada from Austraila and some of his clippings and items he has in his scrap book where actually interesting to see since a lot of it is church based, but not all of it. He said he’d be back to our ward around October so if that is the case might try to have a couple items for his scrap book (aka photo’s of Toronto icons that I’ve taken). Its funny until yesterday I’d never really talked to him it was interesting to see the very human side of him – he’d talked a little about his family already but nothing compared to yesterdays chatter.

Well all in all it was nice that we where invited to attend their going away party and able to say good bye to them, since its the first time we’ve been able to do so. The only down side of the event was that I think I got CCed or out right glutened not 100% since it was a mild reaction within minutes of eating some food that was said to be safe (it was either dairy or gluten though could have been egg – as said not sure what it was that got me), part of me is kicking myself for even eating anything other then the fruit which should have been safe to start with (though with my luck and fruit platters – ya not so much). But ya I bowed to pressure from one of the RS ladies who made some of the food and kept saying that it was safe, that she is use to baking and cooking for allergies, yet when I asked did it contain gluten she looked at me blankly. Did my insulin after eating yet was still at 15.6 when I finally got home at 10pm so ya something triggered since the amount of insulin I took should have covered the food that was eaten including the handful of grapes (which I know are carb power houses).

Post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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