No church today

Well various happenings today and well church was not one of them – two reasons, first was slept though the first alarm that went off and second was woke up hypo and couldn’t get my numbers stable within the 45 minute window that I had so we could drive to church (time it did get into range for being safe to drive was over an hour after church had already started), and fun part of the day was that it was a hypo day spent 90% of the day chasing lows (seem’s the new insulin finally kicked in and kicked my backside nine ways to the centre).

So we did our own little things around the house and kept the spirit as is our daily fashion (we try and have for most of our marriage – regardless of any religious over tones or not), actually found a possible book to read that I downloaded the sample (which is the first 10 pages) and its gotten my attention and has actually made the section it was a sample of easer to understand (and I’ve been trying to get though that chapter for a while now and getting no closer then when I thumed though it years ago). What I am talking about is The Book of Mormon: A Reader’s Edition, still debating on the cost factor of it though so will see how things go (as in seeing if I can get a copy of it though the library).

Post more as time does allow for it, take care.



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