LDS Christmas Party

Well yesterday was our Wards Christmas Party, this time round Dad actually chose to attend with us, which was a pleasant surprise since we where not expecting him to wish to attend the party.

We enjoyed ourselves, the food was decent though there was more for N and my dad to eat then I could but that is normal at such gatherings (a tad annoying, but expected).

The singing that took place was fun, as was watching the little ones do their skit and song.

Maybe the best part of the night was when Santa came and how the children reacted, I’ve ben around children when santa was said to be coming but for some reason this group of children the reaction was not as annoying or loud, they where excited yes but when he did arrive they where not screaming or anything they actually where well behaved, which was nice to see.

At the end of it, N and I managed to get our bishop to take a photo of us with santa, which was cool in its own regards.

Nyxks, Norman and Santa Dec 19th 2015

Well hope everyone has a great weekend, take care!



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