Gospel Principles Class

Well it was a good Sunday all in all arrived late so sat in back for sacrament, I did get the Gluten Free bread during sacrament which I was thinking might not happen since we’d arrived late and didn’t sit in our normal location, but the dish was moved to the plate that was for the area that we where sitting in, so that was nice to see that we don’t have to sit in a specific location so I can get sacrament (though I must admit I like the place we tend to sit in general).

After sacrament we headed off to Gospel Principles Class, the regular teacher for the class was not there for various reasons of his own thus one of the missionaries was elected to give the class (he said he had previous experience teaching the class – shrugs). If you don’t know what the class is about Gospel Principles was written both as a personal study guide and as a teacher’s manual. It is designed to help those who read though it to grow in their understanding and testimony of God the Father, Jesus Christ and His Atonement, and the Restoration of the gospel. The class is mostly aimed at those who are investigating the church, or who are new members and who are still learning about it and for those who wish a refresher (been away from the church for any length of time or just because they don’t wish to added the other adult Sunday school class).

Today we had a lady in class who I think is investigating because of how she brought up a few things from her little bible that she had with her, and because she said “us christians” which made me think that she doesn’t think Mormons are christian ::shrugs:: or something to that effect. It was interesting to see how the missionaries handled her comments on the matter, though don’t think they helped matters with her or so her posture said she wasn’t happy. I think the idea of that you have to have an open mind when you are investigating the church is true enough, as in having a notion of what you expect to hear/see can lead to a bad experience or let down even.

We didn’t stick around because we had other things that we needed to do, so never got to do third hour (one day we’ll be able to do so again). We enjoyed the class all in all, it was interesting to its own various degrees and the person made it semi interesting would have liked to have seen how the “teacher” would have handled it – though I think the missionaries did well enough after all it is their job to “educate” others about mormonism and they did try that is for sure.

But one thing that they never said and I only thought after the fact was they might have just been able to say to her “By today’s standards Jacob was not following Gods rules, yet by his day’s standards its very much possible that he was – the difference between today and when it happened are two different time periods and understanding. But yes I didn’t because my brain didn’t click to do so at the time.

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care!



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