Day of Cleaning

Cleaning SuppliesWell Saturday was Normans and my first day as the Churches Castodial Cordinators, was a little sad that only two people from the list showed up that we’d called (the list has 6 people on it), I can understand that people are busy on the weekends and the like, its why Norman called them a week in advance to let them know that it was their turn – those who he actually talked with said they would be there (only one was) the others he left voice messages on their machines and we never heard back from any of them.

Kind of disheartening to various degrees, I’m in the process of adding the people who are on rotation for the cleaning email addresses to my auto list so it sends out a email to them (if they have their email address listed) reminding them about the cleaning time and date, will still call them to confirm but maybe just maybe the email will be more useful then the phone (since so many people are connected via it now – though social media is gaining ground that some people don’t seem to use email as much as they once did [yes am guilty of this myself]).

So we thought we where running late yesterday, turned out that we where not running as late as we both expected (we had been told that the cleaning started at 9am) we arrived to find no one there other then the sister missionaries who where hosting a ESL class that they hold every Saturday. So Norman and I started in on looking at what needed to be cleaned, low and behold the kitchen ::face paws:: Norman’s health and safety training kicked in and he and I started cleaning the place until my brain couldn’t take it any more and another member who said he’d be there arrived, he helped Norman in the kitchen while I went off and hit all the washrooms to do what cleaning was needed there (which thankfully wasn’t much – other then the YSAs floor, ::shakes head:: their washrooms umm ya).

After I cleaned the washrooms, M and F I headed back to where Norman was and turned out he and the other member where finished in the kitchen and had moved on to other areas, Norman had gotten the vacuum out and was in the Chapel cleaning up in there, while the other member was starting to wash the front windows (it was nice to see him doing it as he appeared to actually be taking “pride” in doing it, instead of looking like he’d rather be doing anything other then this). I went into the chapel and starting picking up the books and putting them into their places under the bench or infant of the benches depending on location, then Norman and I headed to the second floor to clean the chock boards.

This is a area that in school, the custodians always told me that they once a month would clean the boards completely not just do a fast wipe down. Well looking at the boards my brain was like “these need a proper cleaning!” so told Norman that we where going to do a proper cleaning of the boards so got out the cleaning supplies and went room to room doing just that cleaning each board of chock a few boards the chock was so caked on that its amazing that they where even usable still, but we managed to get the classrooms cleaned and ready for today.

After this we went back to the custodial closet and looked at the list of things that needed doing still – wasn’t much, a few things but all in all by 1pm everything had been cleaned and put into order that Norman and I thanked those who had shown up and we headed off to do a little shopping and get home to do house cleaning that also needed to be dun (mostly our fridge – something we do monthly by going though it top to bottom and tossing things that are at the back and growing cultures).

All in all yesterday was a productive day and actually managed to get in over 10k of steps while at the church cleaning – so means I actually burned more calories by the cleaning then just the walking alone, plus all those flights of stairs that I did up and down gave a good work out in their own right.

Well, take care everyone!



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