Well was an interesting day today, why? For various reasons, we heard members of the ward sing together a song that they as a group had been working on – was interesting to listen to them, some have good voices other’s well they are trying and you can tell that they enjoy it so that’s what matters.

We didn’t attend Sunday School today, mostly because we had to get home for various reasons but also because we spent a good part of the time after sacrament tracking down a few people that we needed to speak with about next Saturday, so that took a bit of doing but got it dun and actually ended up having one of the people being most helpful taking a lot of the worry away that we where wondering about, which is always a good thing.

Norman is still on track to trying to get his blessing so eventually that will happen.

Other wise toady has gone well, we got home and did what we needed to do, such as cleaning, laundry and in general spent the day together enjoy each others company.



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