Church and Mother’s Day

Well it went well enough, we had Payton in the car so he was with us but not in church itself – we brought him to get him use to being in the building (even if it was just the car in the underground), he did rather well we both feel.

At the end of sacrament I was asked to give the clothing benediction which I did – I pretty much closed with a talk of those who are not mothers to human children though in truth I don’t 100% remember everything I even said just that I know part of it was of a ChildFree n Childless bent.

At the end of the day was a Mother’s Day meet and greet – that is when Norman brought Payton into the church to look around and meet a few people who where there still. Went well in general we both feel.

All in all a good day, a little upsetting at times but then its to be expected on such a day as this.



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