Well actually attended for all three hours plus a little bit afterwards, yes not a common occurrence for their of us do to family obligations at home.

N was asked to give the Opening prayer in Sacrament a first for him, to which he was pleased to be able to do for the first time and on top of that he’s gotten a request to attend some class for third hour that is starting next week, so looks like third hour baring necessary things here at home will be semi regular for us for the next little while.

Which means I’ll actually be getting a little more involved with RS then I have been up to this point in time, should prove to be interesting I am sure.

Today in RS I ended up spending maybe 10 minutes in it before getting asked to go to Primary and do a few things with the various sisters in those callings. One primary class was interesting to say the least, involved me actually getting on the floor in my skirt and heals and singing songs that I’ve not sung in AGES, alright one of them happens at least once during the school year but still 99% of the songs I’ve not dun since I was a child myself.

Now getting up from the floor I was anything but graceful actually managed to trip and catch the heal of my pump in my skirt hem ::face paws:: so NOT very elegant for getting up off of the floor to say the least.

When I got back down to RS altering visiting with various sister’s in primary there was only a few minutes left to the hour, so needless to say I actually missed most of RS (which really didn’t bother me, felt good to actually be out and about doing something that actually needed doing and that was helpful).

After Church, we headed home to wait for our Home Teachers to arrive, after they came and went I started getting things ready for dinner for everyone, while that was cooking N and I got on our comps and did what we needed to do, which for me meant sending out various things related to RS to various sisters and doing other things that I’d agreed to do, plus sending out resumes to a few places that caught my attention.

So all in all it was a rather busy and active day for a change, which felt good in its own regards.

Post more as time passes take care everyone!



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