He’s HERE!!!!

K well he is now here .. grins big time

He arrived alright, and save for a minor thing with customs arrived without trouble .. unfortunately my dad was the first to lay eyes on him (anyone for, dashing off to find the wc, cause he was an hour late!).

Sighs, when I first laid eyes on him it was MINE!! give me. LOL … my dads first words where SLOW DOWN! .. lol since well I was bolding across the air port towards them, and well lets say I ended up picking Norman up in the are and doing a little swing of him .. chuckles, which was a little bit of a shocker to him (aka he didn’t expect me to pick him up as I did – but hay I couldn’t help it).

After that we headed to the card and home to pick up food. Once home we ate, then I took him up to my room so he could rest and watch some TV, and yes a limited degree of adult fun was had – was way more interested in cuddling with him more then anything else.

Well take care everyone,



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