Getting Ready for #FE2015

Well tomorrow is Furnal Equinox, and today N and I will be heading to the hotel – why a day early? simple because we really do NOT won’t to arrive the day of because we’d have to arrive at around 8am or so in the morning and I just really do NOT won’t to drive in morning traffic out towards the airport then stand in line waiting to get out badges and I do not wish to miss opening ceremonies or the time we need to set up Norman’s booth in dealers den.

So ya arriving a day early means we’ll have a chance to settle in and get things ready so we can get what needs doing before opening ceremonies at 11am (I think it is) and have things ready for dealers den opening at noon on Friday.

I am hoping that I made the right judgement call of what to bring to sell outside of my art skills – N is going to have for sale a couple of half paws, a full suit with tail, two sets of hand paws and a set of feet paws with the possibility of a head to be commissioned to go with the suit for extra cost if so wished by who ever buys the suit (if it doesn’t sell he’s going to put it up on FurBuy and see who’s willing to buy it though that site for a reasonable price). He also has a couple of regular tails to sell.

Me I’ve printed off a bunch of what I call Pride Paws, which range from general Pride to Gender Non-Binary colouring that I think will sell well, we’re going to be offering them as general badges (laminated and made into a badge to wear) as a magnet that you can put on your fridge and as a combo deal that you can wear and also put on your fridge and the last option will be as just plain paper print out that you can do what ever you like with.

I’ve also got an assortment of baked goods that will be on sale, Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Sugar Cookies, was going to have corn bread but we made it to early that its not going to be a option unfortunately (it happens). I’ve also got Chocolate and Vanilla muffins which will also be sold as well as giving out free candy of various natures.

Like I said I’m also going to be doing art, but its going to be a limited option since I don’t know what I’m going to be needed for at the con, so most commissions I take on will be with the understanding that what ever is dun will be finished by end of con or mailed out after the con is over (big time if its ordered on Sunday).

Well post more soon, take care everyone!



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