Family Party

Well today was the semi big gathering of the clan so to speak, Norman’s mom had invivted over his sisters and other family members to come and see us as a sort of mini family gathering since it had been 3 years since he last saw them and in some cases almost a decade.

We ended up taking a trip to SAMs club and that was interesting as it was a different one from that which we where at last time we where in the springs, but its very much like our Costco’s so not a lot of differance in general. We got a few times while there for the gathering plus for ourselves that we’d been waiting to get while there. Afterwards we picked up a few other items at King Supers and headed back home to fix everything up.

Not everyone that was invited attended, one person who Norman was hoping to see was being himself and chose to not come which was unfortunatly but all things considered it was as it was. Got to meet and ended up actually holding my grandneice, and for those of you who have seen the pic ya NO I am still not interested in any of my own and it was really HARD to hold that little one for a long as I did, which is a new record for me in holding babies. I still do NOT see their appeal at all.

After al was said and dun and everyone left I helped clean things up and we watched some TV with his mom and step dad before heading off to bed ourselves.

post more as time allows for it, take care everyone!



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