Continued Learning

Well for all that this month has been hectic to various degrees one thing that did come this weekend was a Career Workshop that both N and I signed up to attend, the first day of the seminar wasn’t great to degrees and we where left wondering if we really should invest more time in the second half of it or just cut out losses and forget it (since it was about an hour drive to and from the location – which isn’t bad but in rush hour traffic can be annoying). At any rate, we did elect to attend the second day and for us the second day was the most informative of the two days for the two of us. The first day was brought into perspective yes but still the second day to us was still the best for the info that was given/shared.

N and I chose to do this Career Workshop in part because N is still unemployed and looking for work so there was the hope that they might saw something new that he knew nothing about that might help him go that extra mile that could get him that employment – and he did get some ideas and they have agreed to help him further. I attend in part to support N but also because I would like to grow my own business but at the same time possible other networking that might result in other employment outside of the seasonal stuff that I’ve been doing (which I do love, but unfortunately I’m not getting younger and med costs are not going down as I get older).

Gave my business card out to a few people there and if nothing else at least I made a few new connections that I didn’t have, which isn’t a bad thing at all!

Well take care everyone, post more shortly.



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