Busy Weekend

Well this weekend has been filled with various home and personal projects that needed to be dun, such as, Laundry, Genealogy, Cleaning the Kitchen, etc.

Laundry for the entire house (sheets n clothing) might do it every weekend but the larger loads that go with doing the beds sheets and the like are only dun once a month on average unless illness then they are dun as soon as the cold/illness has run its course (or middle of it if necessary).

Also been working on the geneology stuff though FamilySearch (got a lot dun in general, but going though the branches to make sure and look up with info etc is taking a little longer then I was expecting to various degrees, though from what mom did years ago its totally faster (since she had to physically go to the locations and then go though paper records to find the info – so yes digital wise its faster). One thing by going through the My Heritage at lot of the trees that N connects to haven’t been updated in years, one hasn’t been touched in 5+ years another not in 3 years – I know people go in sports and spurts when it comes to doing this stuff, but I still find it interesting nun the less. I much prefer Ancestry over My Heritage or Family Search but all three have their usefulness in finding those from the past.

There is also this whole Worldwide Indexing Event thing going on right now on Family Search (“Fuel the Find” August 7-14, 2015) that is really chewing up data – people are actually indexing upwards of 100k of people into the system (or at least that is the index goal).

We also went to church today, though never got to second hour as we ended up talking with various people that ate into that particular hour, which was alright as we don’t tend to hang around in the lobby area to be able to talk with many, should do it more often but the Gospal Principles class is something new to me that I’m to various degrees I enjoy attending, I know N finds it s tad boring at times but then gain its not new to him he’s been though it already (from birth actually) he could go to the regular adult Sunday school and leave me to attend it on my own, but rather attend it with me so we attend as able to do so.

Out side of that been playing some minecraft on our xbox 360 – which has been nice to relax doing and we finally finished the Midsomer Murders BBC series that we’d started to watch, N could believe that it was over already – so we’re actually looking forwards to the 16th season once Netflix is able to add it (since I know its up to season 18 or something as of this year). As a result of finishing that series we’ve moved on to watching Foyles War and to a lesser degree Inspector Morse? and we just discovered Vexed (its different, the humour is off but the first three eps where interesting enough that we might watch an ep here and there).

Well post more as time passes, take care everyone!



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