Almost here…

Bounces all over the place, he is almost here .. his plane took off about 10am my time or 8am his, and should be touching down in Chicago around noon, then almost a two hour lay over till he catches his flight to here which according to the data should take almost two hours (though from what I have seen its not uncommon for that flight to get in early – up to 30 min or so).

As a result I’ll be leaving for the air port shortly, since traffic around here can be a nightmare and the drive up to the air port in and of its self is no fun. So I should be there in plenty of time for him to arrive without him having to wait around for me (crosses fingers).

Well I did manage to get some sleep, not sure how much really but I know I managed to get some – I’ve got butter flies taking up residence in my tummy it does feel right now – so ya am nervous about him coming here and what not, I know we are compatible on so many levels but it doesn’t change the fact that is will be our first RL RT meeting.

Take care everyone will report more once he’s arrived.



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