5th Anniversary

Well Norman and I have been a couple for a while now yet at the same time it feels much longer then it really has been, Ns like my other half enough so that its like hir’s always been there in my life when I know hir’s not been.

At any rate today is our Wedding Anniversary. Feels like we’ve been married a lot longer, but we’ve not been it just feels like it is for various reasons that I just can’t explain any better then I did above.

The day started out well enough since we didn’t get to bed till almost 5am planning on sleeping in, getting up and then heading out for food. That didn’t happen, was well and truly into slumber land when I heard a thump and that got me up enough that I was already on the move and my dad yells for me in that tone of voice that lets me know that the thump that got me moving in my sleep was mom hitting the ground.

Turned out that ya mom had hit the ground alright she’d fallen into the middle bedroom doorway and was having issues getting back up again – she never did get back up under her own power, we actually had to call the @TorontoEMS in to get her up at which point she was actually in worse condition then she’d started out at (or so it felt). It actually took the EMTs close to a freaking 30 minutes to get to the house (apparently the station near us all their busses where out on call) and the fire department which is at the end of the street actually arrived AFTER the ambulance did (which is a first, since they tend to arrive WAY before the EMTs ever do).

So other then her medical care taking close to 30 minutes to even arrive (which had it been a heart attack or stroke would have eaten big time into that golden hour that they have to save someone) we ended up having an EMT who complained that he HATED having to clime stairs (think he was joking but it didn’t sound like it) and didn’t like these older homes (again think he was joking but sure didn’t sound like it and ya its sticked with me enough that it ticked me off).

Dad learned that the EMT unit that arrived was dispatched from the middle of the city and that we where something like their 7th call of the morning). Add insult to injoury or what ever you wish to call it but the same EMT who had made the pervious statements when told the hospital they where going to made yet another less then great comment (as in “Oh great that hospital”) then instead of getting into the bus and driving it he proceeded to wait outside of it and TALK to the roofers who where on a break, ya I know they have to settle mom into the bus and do stuff but how he was treating things was a total tick off to say the least (ya I know not as life as death as some, but still to me his actions where 100% unprofessional).

So after mom and dad where off to the ER we ended up getting up for the day – so ended up with about 2 to 3 hours of actual sleep (not good, but its how life is). We did some dishes then went back up to bed to cuddle and rest if not try to sleep (which didn’t happen, but we at least where able to cuddle until we got more info from dad). Dad called to give us an update and shortly there after we got dressed to head out for our meal at @Jack_Astors which we’d chosen as our place for the day do to the fact of good service and food that we’d enjoyed while at the convention in march that we where at.

Took us almost an hour and a half to get the Jack Astors which isn’t normal but since the time we left was close to the start of rush hour wasn’t to surprising, we got there and where seated in the restaurant section of the place – we where at first pleased with it but in short it turned into a Child Fire Zone with some youngsters running back and forth between their table and their folks (if one of us had stuck our leg out of the booth we’d have been able to trip any of the kids as they ran/rushed by), needless to say that was not a pleasant side of the evening out for a meal (we’re thinking we really should have chosen to eat in the bar side, but even then there would have been no guarantee of not having to hear or see such happenings.

Our waitress took our order saying that she didn’t think we’d been able to fill up on just appetizers but she’d be around to make more of our order after we’d finished. She so didn’t understand that what we’d ordered for us would indeed equal a full meal between the two of us. For N we got the Lobster and Crab Dip plus an order of their Jack’s Golden Calamari both of which arrived before my order, I did nibble at some of hir order because well I wonted to taste some of it before my body yelled at me for doing so (I really do NOT like having Dairy and Gluten issues its freaking annoying on oh so many levels when it comes to eating out) then my order came and first it was the 1lbs of wings with sauce on the side what a totally disappointment to say the least, and so NOT worth the price tag for that matter (get better wings for the price at Wild Wings) and the sauce well this I will say its a good thing I said for it to be on the side because if it had been put on the wings was is normal then the wings would have not been that easy to eat, the sauce tasted the the Honey Garlic from HV which is not a good thing (that stuff I use for cooking but in small amounts because you don’t need a lot, a little goes a long way).

Our final part of the order arrived my Shanghai Lettuce Wraps, its something I had been looking forwards to having for a good month or so, and it ended up being a disappointment it tasted good, but was semi cold and the breaded chicken was not soft and tender but hard and less then great to chew on and the noodles where over dun as well which all meant that I didn’t eat it all as I had been planning on doing, I ate about half of it unfortunately only thing that did get 100% eaten was the lettuce (of which they never seem to serve enough of with the meal).

The meal all in all for all it was less then great for some of it did go over well between us and we did enjoy it – we didn’t think it deserved the price tag it came out to but we knew going there that it wouldn’t be cheap to do so (but any good meal now a days isn’t cheap, then again some really terrible meals are blasted costly as well). Would we go back? Yes we would. Would we order the same things? No we wouldn’t at least not in full. Neither of us will order the wings again, to pricy for what little you get. The Lettuce Wrap well good isn’t what it could be so likely would not bother with it next time, but other wise ya N would order the Fish stuff again without complaint.

After the meal we drove over to Walmart to do a little shopping (mostly to get hir a new backpack) and in the process I popped out into the mall to @boosterjuice and got us our dessert N hadn’t been expecting it but it had been something I’d wonted from the moment I knew we where going to eat at that location. I got N hir fav a regular Brazilian Thunder where as I got my regular modified fav a Mind over Matcha (omit the dairy portions and change to soy) delish and a great way to end our night out or close enough there of since N wonted to pop in at Target to see if they had a few things, which they did so got what hir was looking for there the off to shoppers drug mart to pick up a few needed items before heading back home.

All in all save for the issue with mom the day went very well for us.



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