2nd Wedding Anniversary

Well two years ago today Norman and I got married, its been a long couple of years for us – though feeling like we’ve been married longer then just two years.

The day started off late for us, having slept in a little and having a fast breakfast (not an overly healthy breakfast, we each had a backed chicken spring roll) then our for a couple hours walk.

Got back home changed into our “dinner” clothing and walked the 1 km to the restaurant to have our anniversary meal.

Norman was a little disappointed that the steak he had his first time there wasn’t on the menu any longer, so instead he had what I chose to have a T-Bone steak, only he actually went for the fries with it plus veggies, where I I just said hold the fried and add extra veggies.

Neither of us finished our meals, as a result we both ended up bringing what we didn’t eat home, I actually put my portion onto the food scale to see how much I had left over, turned out I had exactly 5-oz left of the 22 to 24 oz T-Bone Steak, so putting it in the middle at 23-oz taking 5-oz off of that means I at 18 oz of steak (jaw drops) plus a serving of veggies (carrots, cauliflower and carrots) added on top of it all we ordered one large fried mushrooms and 1 fried onions, plus the meal came with four extra large sour dough slices with real butter (of which we both only ate a single slice and brought home the other two slices).

I really do NOT wont to know the sodium levels in the meal, cal wise I know I didn’t do that bad for the meal in general, and as a desert Norman chose to go to Basking Robins for a Oh-Henry Sunday to top his part of the meal off (sighs ice cream, yummmers), I admit I took a couple of the chunks of Oh-Henry from the sunday for myself to munch since I can’t really have the ice cream without issues (blasted lactose intolerance).

Well the numbers for the T-bone are in so for 18 oz it alone comes in at 674 calories 0g of carbs, 23g of fat and 109g of protein. If my estimate are close to what was on my plate that I did eat and drink then I took in close to 1,106 calories 91 g of carbs 25 grams of fat and 121 gram of protein for that single meal (No i know the fat is wrong since it sounds sound right in general, but regardless the meal it was not bad for the day at all).

Funny deal is I have just over the 1200 cal mark as I type this, though likely well over if my guess for portion size is off (not with the steak that I know with a good reason for error). But actually being over calories for a day will not hurt me if anything it will help me since I hardly ever hit the 1800 cal mark in a day that both SP and my ex-dietitian have given me as a bear min to take in.

Add to it that we both walked close to 5 km today (so about a 500 cal burn) and well its all good.



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