2nd Day of #FE2015

Well its the end of the second day of Furnal Equinox and its been a busy day the say the least, been up since 7:45am mostly so that I would have time to have something to eat because I could’t do what happened yesterday and totally NOT eat anything for dinner and almost nothing for lunch and just have a coffee for breakfast (ya my glucose control for Friday was NOT good on any level).

At any rate, today went well I do feel I managed to look at a few things around the dealers den and the art show, but really didn’t take the time to really look – more a fast glance and notice that really came to nothing since we don’t have the funds to buy anything that catches our fancy this year and there was something that did catch my fancy in the charity auction (they had bearch beer and pineapple crush) that I thought N might like, but I never did anything about it save make a mental note about it so when I did get around to telling N it was to late to do anything about it oh well.

Selling wise for the table, I’ve got a couple of commissions that I’m working on, one for a staff member and another for a con goer. N sold one of the tails but is no closer to selling the suit but there is still tomorrow to be able to do that and he’s reducing the price from 800.00 to like 500.00 (the lowest he’ll go for the suit considering the cost of materials and time that went into the suit).

Sold a few of the cupcakes and cookies and a good amount of the Pride Paw badges – they are looking to be our best sellers likely could have charged more for them then the dollar but seemed like a good stable price to offer them at (unfortaunly unless we sell a LOT more then we have we’ll never recoup the cost of printing them or the cost of laminating them never mind the cost of the magnetic strip we add to a few of them).

Well its getting late, still need to finish working on a few things so post more tomorrow, take care!



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