2010, a new start

It was a good start in general for me to 2010, even if I had to see my hubby head back to the US as we wait for his PR status to come though (with luck he’ll get the notice by February to get up here perm).

I had a good start to the year, I actually managed to log in over 2,000 cals for once … all last month I was lucky to get in 1200 actually its been like that since June that I’ve had issues getting in anything more then 1200 in a day (hence next to no weight loss).

I didn’t meet my year goal of 20 pounds down, actually only managed to get off 4 pounds for the year – so not pleased with that number but at least it did go down so can’t complain really since the scale did go down and not up.

2009 was a real stress of a year for me, my mom’s family health, being put on meal time insulin the day before I got married, having to move down to the US with my hubby to meet the one year living together requirement for him to get his Prem Residence status (even doing that there is no garentee that he will get the status – but we are hoping that the 6 plus months he lived up here with me without needing medical help etc will go in his favor).

Fitness wise, one great thing about having him around is that he loves to walk which means that we go for a min of an hour walk each and ever day regardless of the weather conditions outside. With him not here, its not going to be as easy to get out and walk since my dog can no longer go for long walks (he can bearly make it to the end of the street now, unfortunately).

I’m going to try and get into using the P90X, that I was doing to degrees while I was down in the US, but again got space limitations here as much as I did down there – though in many regards got more space issues since I have to share the space with my folks – I have no room in my bedroom to work out since there is only room for my bed, TV and Dresser with just enough space to get to the Dresser and TV. Oh well will figure things out as I always do, just wish I could afford to get my gyn pass again, but I’m already in the credit whole deeper then I ever thought.

For this year I am hoping to be able to get work so I can start paying off my credit debt that has grown over the past year because of lack of work and do to having to live in the US for an extended period of time. But I know that my lack of work might still be an issue this year as it has been since 2005 when I had my last semi-PT job. Best I’ve had since then has been a day here week there of work, which doesn’t pay the bills that well.

Oh well, take care everyone and hope this year proves well for you and yours.

Take care,



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