Ever have one of those day?

When everything seems to start alright then progressively go apparently down hill?

Sighs I woke up in a great mood, was happy and full of energy, then my dad got up, and the start of a bad day. Sighs he’s bitching about my lack of work, he’s bitchiness about my lack of being able to help with the finances, he’s bitching about my car, he’s just plain bitching about what ever i’ve apparently not dun (and the lady knows what they are cause i haven’t got a clue.)

So i have to take my car in and out will go a min of 100.00 which I don’t really have. But I have to if I wont to go to Stratford, Ontario this week (I am attending SORCery). I’m still excited about that, but I’m still not happy about today.

looks at posting hmmmm enough jabbering and ranting …. need something to take my mind off of all this crap…. looks around for something destructive / constructive to do…..



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