eMail sighs

Well todays been one of those days when the comp and other things appear to be against you or at least not in your favor at least to various degrees.

After 3 months of troubleshooting and what not I finally managed to get InDesign back up and running, and I think Photoshop as well, not sure on that one at the moment though – time will tell if that’s actually fixed or patched.

When I came online earlier this day, there was no email for some reason my ISP was down when it came to getting emails, couldn’t even log into the site to get it, because all email storage was offline apparently – their help line was of no help they said it was all up and running just fine (if it was then why was it only 20min ago that I got service back?).

Well for the most part InDesign appears to be working well enough, which means I can once again start working on the mini magz that I produce for one of my sites, it also makes making the newsletters that I work on for a few ppl much easer to put together – I’ve been running with my first copy of Quark in Classic and ack was that slow and non-productive.

It will be nice to be able to get back into using Photoshop if it is now back and running without trouble but I’m not holding my breath – since I’ve pitched the prefs before and nothings happened before, but hay anything possible the dozenth time though or more.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does pass



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