Earning Funds on SL

Well lets see here, its getting harder and harder it does feel to earn funds on SL .. there use to be a few places that I would go to dance to get a few L here and there but they are now gone, so have had to move on and trying and find other places to earn funds.

So far its not been a fruitfull venture to find new places to “camp”, K could be fruitfull, but the places found tend to also be well known it does seem and thus trying to catch a place is hard, that or you have to be active on the comp and keep reactivating every 10 min or you stop earning.

Oh well I could bite the deal and actually use a credit card and buy SL funds to use, but lets put it this way, its not freasable the way things currently are in my life to even consider doing that. Thus am having to earn it like many others on the site do.

Though 9.95 a month isn’t bad, its not great since that’s US and the 79 for a years membership is again good, but still US funds and still out of my range to even consider.

Oh well frees free, and hay at th emoment i’ve managed to earn L$399, so can’t complain to much, K i can but will not do me much good to do so.



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