Decembers Lindens…

Well its that time of year, looking at what I have made Linden wise within Second Life, and well after looking at my records for the month of December 2007 only. I have found that I have actually managed to make a NET total of L$35,683 (which is 124.76 US) of which I spent L$17,851 (62.42 US), which means for the month of December 2007 I actually made a total of L$17,832 which is as of this date is worth 62.35 US.

So for the month of December I made L$17,832 … not bad for a months income (not great for some people, but since the average person within SL only makes about 12,000 a month I can’t complain to badly when all is said and dun.)

And for the three months I have been actively earning within SL I have managed to earn L$56,940, which doesn’t count what I’ve spent (SL doesn’t give you more then a month to month look at what you earned/spent – so have to reply on my own records for that side of things). From what I have tracked thus far I have spent about L$38,097 in the past two months, which means my actual total income for the past two months really is closer to L$95,037 (which is a nice sizable income for two months worth of time)

Like all things you have to spend money to make money, and within SL that is no difference as is apparent with what I have dun over the past three months period of time. I started with 0 Linden what so ever and over the course of three months managed to earn L$95,037, of which I spent L$38,097 over the course of a two month time period, leaving me with a three month end total of L$56,940 (not bad if I do say so myself.)

I of course am hoping to make more Lindens this year (and am hoping by that to better my first three months of the year with more then L$97,000 of income), but I also know that earnings from month to month will and do vary. Which is par for the course, but I am confident that I will have a good year and that it will be profitable (maybe not self sustaining as I’d like it to be, but I am hoping to at least at the end of the month be in the green and not the red or black).

One thing is for sure, earning a living out of SL is not yet possible, but earning a little extra to help with things is possible if I can keep things on an even level, and get my shop selling its wears to more and more clients, not to mention more in world jobs for building homes and the like, maybe even in world selling of services for web design might take place (its something that I can do I know, just have to set things up so its possible to do so).



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